MUUV is a partner of Unilever, the largest consumer goods company in the world.
We provide personnel, logistics, and equipment, for the movement of Unilever products across the entirely of Ghana.
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Boat Porfolio


The Sobek is a very shallow draft boat designed for operation in flats, marshes, lakes, rivers, lagoons, coral reefs. Suitable for law enforcement, survey, oil spill recovery, dredge support, hunting, fishing, fish farming, diving support, etc.

Its main features are:

  • Catamaran hull with symmetric hulls and flat bottoms
  • Very shallow draft, less than 20 cm at speed.
  • Propeller is lifted above baseline at speed, protected even in case of grounding.
  • Extremely stable, 15 men can shift on one side without danger.
  • Carries up to 2 tons of distributed cargo.
  • Fast and efficient (25 kn with 100 HP only)
  • Robust, maintenance free aluminium, resistant to shocks and abrasion.
  • Customizable