The Equinox series is based on the cutting edge Sigma hull, an advanced wave piercing catamaran shape with exceptional rough water comfort, low fuel consumption and very large internal volumes due to the wide beam. The Equinox is designed to live and enjoy the sea to the full, in all weathers. It is a boat for adventurers, sportsmen and families; who want to dive, row, wind and kite surf, like they would on an explorer yacht, but with a high sprint speed and stylish design.



The Sobek is a very shallow draft boat designed for operation in flats, marshes, lakes, rivers, lagoons, coral reefs. Suitable for law enforcement, survey, oil spill recovery, dredge support, hunting, fishing, fish farming, diving support, etc.

Its main features are:

  • Catamaran hull with symmetric hulls and flat bottoms
  • Very shallow draft, less than 20 cm at speed.
  • Propeller is lifted above baseline at speed, protected even in case of grounding.
  • Extremely stable, 15 men can shift on one side without danger.
  • Carries up to 2 tons of distributed cargo.
  • Fast and efficient (25 kn with 100 HP only)
  • Robust, maintenance free aluminium, resistant to shocks and abrasion.
  • Customizable



The Landa series is a range of landing crafts suitable for both offshore and shallow water operations. They are used for Oil Spill Recovery (OSR), logistic support, survey, diving, patrol and ferry applications.


The MicroTug is a powerful, maneuverable, and quick harbour and line handling tug. With minimal crew necessities, minimalistic size, and very low maintenance requirements, this is the most efficient small ship handling tool in the world today.


The  series is a range of  boats from 14 to 21 meters.
Proven performance, reliability, safety and comfort for the  lots.

Also available in patrol boat versions.
Aluminium: Tough, durable, light, easy to repair.

The  series is fabricated of classification society certified marine Aluminium sheets and profiles.

Aluminium boats have no moulds, so you get the boat you want, not the boat we have. Aluminium is 100% recyclable, an increasingly important issue in a Greener world.

Safety First

 is a highly qualified professional. He must arrive at the ship bridge in the right frame of mind to give his best attention to the safety of the vessel.  comfort is not a luxury: it is a Safety of Navigation issue.