Edward Famien Morrison

Edward Famien Morrison

Partner, CEO

"Growing up, business was a part of my every day life; I would never give up until I saw success in my endeavors. For 10 years, I managed two general stores owned by my father, handling everything from inventory, sales, shift management, accounting, and even advertising. I simultaneously learned a lot about the marine and harbor industries from watching my Father who was a senior official at Tema Port, the largest sea port in Ghana in terms of import/export volume. All of these experiences gave me the courage to be an entrepreneur.

I hold a B.S. in Information Technology from Ghana Technology University, and I have 5 years of management experience in the vehicle testing & inspection industry, during which I successfully managed the installation of vehicle inspection facilities for Toyota Nigeria and Ford Nigeria (Coscharis). Now, my focus is on making Muuv a household name.”


Kojo Mienza

Kojo Mienza

Partner, Foreign Advisor

“Like Edward, I have also been in business since a youth. When I was only 11 years old, I started my own ebay business; I remember being one of the few kids who was able to earn the money to buy my own Jordans, designer clothes, and flashy chains (though my taste is quite different now). I have always had a love and a knack for business.

I studied communications & communications technology with a minor in business at Ohio State University. Since school, I have engaged in and had success in a myriad of industries, including international commodities brokering, international smart phone resale, information technology, online marketing, and fashion. I also worked as a communications director for a green lighting start-up called GreenLED. In this capacity I was able to connect the founders with both investors and politicians from around the world to help make the company’s dream a reality.

I currently live in Washington, DC, and this gives me the ability to meet business people and politicians from around the world, and I use this opportunity to create business relationships for Muuv.

Business in West Africa is the future, and I am confident that Muuv will be a significant part of that future.”


Emolo Ackah Morrison

Emolo Ackah Morrison

Founder, Senior Advisor

As the founder of MUUV, Emolo Ackah Morrison has been able to create and sustain a reputable and profitable company for more than 20 years. He started the company in 1993 as an international import/export and transportation company. He has successfully operated at Ghanaian ports for over 30 years, both as a business man and as an official, and this experience benefits the company tremendously.

In addition to MUUV, Mr. Morrison also successfully owned and operated a chain of general stores in the Greater Accra suburbs of Tema, in addition to a construction contracting business. Needless to say, he’s a seasoned veteran in the world of business. Now mostly retired, and working as an advisor, his influence and guidance are pivotal for the leadership of the company.