What We Offer

Large Cargo Transportation & Logistics

We offer one of Ghana's best cargo haulage services to companies and private individuals. We provide both inbound and outbound logistics for the movement of goods on land.

Marine Sales

Muuv is proud to be the sole authorized sales agent in Ghana for Mapso, the largest ship manufacturer in Egypt. Mapso manufacturers a wide range of world-class industrial ships and components. Check out the inventory @

Ship Chandling & Supply

When ships arrive at the ports, they often need supplies for the ship and it’s crew in order to make their return journeys possible. We supply incoming ships & vessels with various items including food, beverages, hygienic supplies, ship parts, paints, and more, with competitive prices and very efficient turnaround time.

Courier Delivery Service Coming Soon!

We will soon offer door to door delivery service for both companies and private individuals who need to ship letters, large envelopes, and medium sized packages in Ghana.

MUUV: Your Reputation, Our Brand

Muuv is a Business to Business conduit with a primary focus in the transportation industry. If you are looking to do business in Ghana, Muuv can help your company get started and give you a better chance at success. We have experienced people, ready equipment, and locally-tailored business systems in place, that give us the ability to get your company up and running in Ghana without you having to learn the entirety of the Ghanaian business landscape from zero. We save you time, capital, human resources, and help you avert failure of any sort. So what are you waiting for? Get Muuving.

20+ Years of Proven Experience

Transportation has historically been the primary business sector for MUUV, and we have maintained a 20+ year old track record for providing reliable, timely, and safe transportation of goods by using well organized and reliable systems and techniques, and selecting the most capable individuals to manage and work within our systems.